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April 23, 2018

Pooja bell and why Automatic Pooja bell.



  • Sound is used by all living being either to invite or to warn.
  • Now human started using Electrical, Electronic devices, but others continue using their voice.
  • Example of invitation: if the person rings the bell from cabin, the person outside is invited.
  • Example of warning: The siren sound of fire extinguisher vehicle, ambulance etc.


  • The evolution of sound had been,
    • Voice
    • Hitting and blowing.
    • Electrical and electronics.
  • The Automatic pooja bell is getting the pooja bells to the present stage. Evolution is important to sustain a requirement.
  • As per agama, Pooja bell is rung,
  • To invite god.
  • To chase away evil spirits.
  • To control wandering mind.


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