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May 16, 2019

Make Pooja Room A Temple.

As long as we don’t know, who created the universe and maintains, where we all are surviving, we need to thank and bow to that power as taught by our elders that is” God.”

Earlier in India, we did not have affordability to have pooja rooms in houses, people also lived around the temples but in Malaysia, Bali etc it existed and existing.

To maintain the temple process in home puja rooms, products like chanting box, instant camphor etc are helping. Now the left-out gap of bell usage every day is getting fulfilled by the invention of automatic pooja bell by R &R spirituals.

As per agama the pooja bell should ring every day in home and place of work . But the present hand bell has operational limitations. The R & R Automatic pooja bell helps for rhythmic continuous bell resonance. It may take time to reach the store of your town, being a new product. Easy is to purchase from the manufacturer through their website

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