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July 11, 2018

Best Gift for Housewarming



Food, cloth and residence are essential to live. Even though one can live on rented house, no one would like that forever. In Tamil there is a saying “வீட்டை கட்டி பார் ,கல்யாணம்செய்து பார்” Building own house and doing a marriage are considered as the most challenging accomplishments in life. Most challenging accomplishments just do not happen by human plans alone. Thus, for these two functions we start with pooja’s.

Housewarming is done generally,

  • To invite god, thank first and expect be in the house and guide.
  • To purify the newly built house.
  • To invite all concerned and make them aware where we are.
  • To thank the people who all assisted in building the house.


A functional and daily usage gift is for better to the receiver. That too if it can be unique and different.

Look at points 1 & 2, there is a new product related to this, that is R & R automatic pooja bell for house pooja rooms. In housewarming first god photos and pooja/puja products are taken inside the house.

As per Agama, bell should ring in every pooja room every day. Humanly ringing the bell need expertise, that is addressed and simplified by R & R automatic pooja bell. The rhythm will be much better than the hand used brass bell.

Thus R & R automatic pooja bell can be an ideal auspicious gift for housewarming. Get Your Auspicious Gift here


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