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June 7, 2019

Value addition requirements for spiritual products.

For any need or output an input is required. For example, to cook food heat is the requirement, to start with we used firewood, now gas, electricity, micro oven etc. Even the vessels are getting upgraded like pressure cooker, copper bottom etc.

Thus, the output is required without change in originality at the same time input need to be simplified to ensure the continuation in the fast-changing world.

Earlier god was lifted manually and taken around, now we started using vehicles. Even though the input is changed, the output that is need is fulfilled without change.

For the first time for home pooja room, M/S R & R spirituals, Chennai has developed an automatic pooja bell with the same bell used in pooja rooms earlier but to give the original out better and continuously. This product has got good customer acceptance and available at .

The customer feedback is, this product helps them to use every day instead of only special days and very helpful for aged persons too.

Thus input simplification is very  important for need sustainment and growth.

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